Distiller’s Workbook exercise 16 of 15 Special effects!

There is one more exercise to go but I have yet to complete it.  The topic is special effects in distillation as first explained by Giovanni Fenaroli.  Special effects are differentials between olfaction and gustation created by distillation.  For example St. Germain is not simply an infusion of elder flowers because they are so acidic you would get too much acid before you got the aroma intensity you want therefore they distill a percentage of the flowers, separating aroma from the non-volatile acid and then infuse the remainder in that distillate.  In terms of special effects, St. Germain may be seen as an elder flower ratio such as 3x olfaction, 2x gustation.

Special effects are most common in the amaros where an exaggerated ratio of olfactory-bitterness is attached to gustatory-bitterness.

So I have to decide which to show off for the recipe, acid special effects or bitter special effects?

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